Ages 13 & Up

Abhinaya is the subtle use of hand gestures, facial expressions, and body language to bring alive nuances of text and subtext in a dance composition. It can be used as a dramaturgical device for narration, metaphoric elaboration, and character depiction. Students will learn how to develop their own interpretations of poetry and music through Kiran's uniquely cross-cultural and multidisciplinary approach to abhinaya. The class begins with the art of translation and culminates with exercises to establish character and intention in a performance space.

This master class is for intermediate/advanced students of Indian classical dance and experienced performers of other dance style.'

Photograph By Wesley Beeks
Photograph By Wesley Beeks


Grades 3-5

This acclaimed arts education workshop for 3-5th graders integrates reading comprehension with poetry and Indian classical dance. Follow the footsteps of Prince Rama, one of the world’s oldest superheroes, as he travels across India to rescue his true love from King Ravana, the 10-headed demon and ruler of Sri Lanka! Along the way you will encounter an army of powerful monkeys who build a gigantic bridge across the ocean. You will also relive the terrifying final battle between Rama and Ravana and so much more through poetry, storytelling, and Indian classical dance!

High School & College

What if you could dance your way through chemistry and ace one of the hardest science classes? Kiran’s unique STEAM and Arts integration pilot program for high school and college students brings the fundamentals of general and organic chemistry to the dance floor! Through a series of short choreographic exercises, students will learn more about chemical bonding, stereochemistry, mechanisms of action, and so much more!

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All of Kiran's master classes and in-school residencies are available for booking in 2018 and can be customized to suit your needs. Contact Daya Arts at 984-DAYAARTS or